House Clearance Services

The Clearance

Whether you need a full clearance or a partial clearance, we are fully licensed to transport waste and carry full public liability insurance.

Where possible we would firstly aim to sell the goods of which we would offset against the cost of the clearance. Secondly, we would seek local charities to make a donation. Our final solution would be to separate materials and ethically recycle. We operate a 0% landfill policy.

What We Do

On the day of the clearance, we will send a 2-man crew to the property in question and begin work.

Our crew will sweep the entire area to take away all the items which you have designated for clearing – whether to be responsibly re-used, donated or recycled.

Materials We Dispose Of

We dispose of all kinds of bulky waste and even non-hazardous junk.

This includes DIY waste, electrical appliances, furniture, builder waste and garden refuse etc.

In order to ensure safety, our company does not manage hazardous items like asbestos or biological waste.

Expert House Clearance Guide from UK Atlantis

Every person who has managed house clearance knows that it can be exhausting and time consuming so it makes perfect sense to seek out professionals who know how to handle all the details of a complete clearance.

Here are some handy tips and useful information as you think about and plan your house clearance.

Help with your house clearance

After planning a proper schedule for the house clearance, you need to sort out your possessions and decide what you want to keep.

Other items should be considered junk. Rubbish removal is the most important stage in the process of clearing your house. There are always some items which people like to donate or sell. You can take a basic approach towards categorising everything in your house.

Using coloured stickers can be a very good idea to categorise possessions. You can use red coloured stickers for items you don’t want to throw away, orange for selling or donations, and green for rubbish removal. Every item in your house should be labelled with these stickers.

One common mistake people commit is to manage everything themselves. If possible, you should take a second perspective from someone with objectivity. This way, you won’t keep things just because of emotional attachment.

In order to avoid any confusion, you should keep items with same coloured stickers together. Items with green stickers should be moved first. This approach will make sure rubbish removal goes smoothly. It will also allow you to make space for other items in your home.