Why choose UK Atlantis storage services in Wrexham?

Convenience – Collection and Delivery

We know how stressful it can be when moving house or needing to store personal belongings for any length of time, so we strive to ensure our services are as streamlined and convenient as possible. Let us do the work for you (if you prefer) and take some of the anxiety out of the situation.

When you’re ready to put your goods into storage, we will come to you with one of our specialist vehicles that carries our storage containers/units. If you prefer, we will even pack your items beforehand and then get them all safely and securely into the container.

At the end of the storage period (short or long term) and you are ready for your belongings to be returned, just let us know and we will safely deliver the container, ready to unpack at the address of your choosing.

Safe storage & protection of your items

We know how precious your belongings are, so once they have been transferred to our care we treat them with the utmost respect and endeavour to return them to you in the same condition in which you entrusted them to us.

Loading furniture and other items is done carefully and professionally to prevent any damage to goods. Using blankets and other packing and padding to protect items from scratches and other damage means your items will be safe until you need them back again.
An inventory of all your stored goods will be written up – which you will be required to check and sign. The containers will then be closed and locked in your presence before being taken away from your premises and into our storage facility. All of your goods will be fully insured.

Once on site, your storage container or unit will be even further protected thanks to our 24 hour CCTV surveillance system in addition to Chubb monitored security. Our friendly staff members will also be on hand to answer questions or provide advice if and when needed. A large on-site FREE car park is also available for all of our customers.
All of our services and payments are conducted in a very transparent, professional manner and are free of hidden charges.

Anything we won’t store?

We can’t store food items, perishables, paints and other flammables.

Things like rolled carpets, dismantled sheds and other large items will be stored separately in a different section of our storage facility.

Based in Pandy, near Wrexham, our storage facilities are excellent and allow for a range of short or long term storage options and solutions.

If you want to look around the facility before making a commitment, you are free to do so – just arrange an appointment and we will be happy to give you a tour.

We also offer house clearance services.